Renewing the natural contract with the Earth

Leonardo Boff

Until now, the Western White man’s dream, made universal by globalization, is to dominate the Earth and subdue all other beings, in order to gain unlimited benefits. That dream, four centuries later, has turned into a nightmare. Now as never before, the apocalypse can be precipitated by us, as the great historian Arnold Toynbee wrote before he died.

For that reason, we must reconstruct our humanity and our civilization through a different kind of relationship with the Earth, so that she may be sustainable: that is, to attain the conditions for maintenance and reproduction that sustain life in the planet. That will only happen if we retake the natural pact with the Earth and if we consider that all living beings, carriers of the same basic genetic code, form the great community of life. Every being has intrinsic value and therefore has rights.

All contracts start with reciprocity, inter-exchange, and…

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